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Injectable Fillers

Many people are faced with common effects of aging such as facial wrinkles, flat lips, or hollows under the eyes.  Our physicians can offer solutions to correct these unwanted changes using a minimally invasive technique with injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Belotero, and Voluma

What are injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers are medical injectable materials designed to improve skin contours, lift areas of sunken skin, and fill fine lines and hollows.  These materials are delivered through injections into the skin to provide significant improvement with little-to-no downtime. There are several categories of injectable fillers and they are classified based on the type of material and the physical properties of that material.  Today’s injectables have the power to provide complete facial rejuvenation, giving patients a more fresh and youthful appearance.

What are the benefits of injectable fillers? 

Injectable fillers are minimal downtime aesthetic treatments that can improve facial contours and soften lines.  Fillers can be used all over the body but are most commonly used on the face. Below are examples of applications where injectable fillers such as Voluma, Juvederm,  Belotero or other products have been utilized.

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